Meet Some Decorators

Maria Launder from Sugar Me in Durban
Maria is a popular teacher in Durban and is loved for her friendly approach and dedication to her students. (Who often turn into lifelong friends). Her business called Sugar Me and Maria says," I have been icing and decorating cakes for the past 35 years and teaching for the past 10 years. Teaching the skills I have acquired has become my passion. Being a lover of crafts, it’s a joy to see my students enjoying their hobbies and setting out to use the skills learned to start up their own businesses. We are based in Durban, South Africa. Join us and learn the art of Cake Decorating and Icing Sugar Art ~ Have some fun, spoil your family or start a new business!~Create unique 3D novelty cakes, wedding and cupcakes, perfect icing and icing sculpture." Facebook

Charly's Bakery 
This is a family run cake bakery in Cape Town. Did you seen them featured on the Food Network Channel recently? Charly, Jacqui, Alex, and Dani are the masterminds behind the extravagant wedding cakes. Charly's Bakery produces some of the most innovative and trendiest cakes in Cape Town.

Meet pastry chef Tiago Silva
Catering to the rich and famous, this Brazilian pastry chef based in New York's passion for cakes ignited in 1998 when he was 14.  He says: "My mom wanted to take a simple cake decorating course, but at the time she didn't understand much English. She asked me to come along as her translator."
At the age of 13, as his mom's translator, he took the first steps into his career.
"I was hooked with the first class, and asked my mom to enroll me. I knew I had found what I wanted to do." He quickly began making decorative cakes at home, and apprenticing in restaurants. By day, he studied classical pastry techniques in restaurants; by night, he absorbed all of the techniques that aired on the many cake TV shows. By modernizing classic techniques and applying his unique sculptor's eye, Thiago takes cake making to unprecedented levels. Follow him on Facebook   

The incredible Margaret Braun
Margaret Braun - Author of Cakewalk (Rizzoli), is a Sugar Artist who has redefined the art of cake decorating. Internationally renowned for her distinctive, boundary breaking style which fuses food and the fine arts, Margaret has inspired dessert and design enthusiast for years while her emphasis on classical technique places her in the realm of artisans from centuries past. Born in New York to a family of musicians and food lovers, Margaret began drawing on desks, napkins, tables, jeans, shoes, and walls, until she found herself in a pastry kitchen where she drew on a cake. Then she discovered food coloring, royal icing, and sugar paste and went on to create some of the most beautiful and delicious creations ever seen. Margaret loves what she does and her fantastic creations have been featured extensively in print, TV, radio, and in motion pictures.